Imprimir cajas de cartón

Traditionally the secondary packaging (cartons) are marked with dates, barcodes, logos and other images on packaging in a very small and low resolution format.

However, in recent years there has been an increase in the use of Piezo inkjet technology for its superior speed and resolution.

Neo Inkjet printers are smaller than traditional printers and can be connected to the customer´s current production system so that any codes or messages can be sent to the printer remotely.

Furthermore, cardboard boxes can be decorated with high resolution logos, special offers, promotions, etc.

At Neo Inkjet Systems we have developed several applications for direct printing on cardboard.  Many of our customers were having problems when in need of printed cartons: they had to order pre-printed boxes from an external supplier or use expensive proprietary labeling systems.

Costly labeling systems

Printing labels for id purposes of secondary packaging is very costly.  The purchase of two types of consumables (label and toner) and the manual manipulation that is required by a labeling system. In addition, the aesthetic result is not that great, and this at a time when the customer´s company image has to be exceptional in all aspects.

We have the ultimate solution: integrating Neo inkjet printers into the production line.

Neo Inkjet Systems has an effective solution to their customers needs for direct printing on cardboard. With the Neo High-resolution Inkjet Printers, printing the manufacturer´s brand on cardboard boxes in the production line has become a reality.

Our customers no longer need to rely on external suppliers, have eliminated the stock of pre-printed boxes as well as costly labeling systems and reduced production times  by not having to rely on others to fulfill the order.

With Neo you gain production agility and dynamics.

Furthermore, because of the Neo inkjet printers’ versatility, any changes to the printed message are instantaneous.  Barcodes, batch numbers, special offers, etc. can be added at any moment, allowing for a flexible and dynamic production process adapted to market demands.