Neo inkjet printers are capable of printing on all types of metals in UV range:

  •  Iron (doors, windows and floors in general)
  • Tin (tin cans, glass jar lids)
  • Aluminum (soda cans, wiring ducts, signs)
  • Steel (automobile parts industry, etc.)

For these applications, the wide range of inkjet printers (from 17 to 140mm) offer all kinds of solutions from printing lot numbers or expiration dates in small format for lids or soda cans (17 Neo UV) to total metal decorated trays (Neo 100 UV, UV 140 Neo) through manual entry or QR codes or bar in profiles for industrial assembly.

Neo Inkjet Printer is integrated at the end of the line as part of the production process with all the advantages that this entails:

  • Instant message changes
  • Adapting to peak production
  • Elimination of external suppliers
  • High quality print that lasts more than two years