Impresión de logo sobre envase de poliestireno

At Neo Inkjet Systems we work closely with our customers to achieve high quality printing on extruded polystyrene.

Our customers were having problems when printing on spyrofoam packaging for the food industry:

  • Ink migration onto food
  • Poor print quality
  • Poor durability of prints

Neo Systems Inkjet solution to high quality printing on polystyrene
Neo Inkjet Systems has an effective solution to customer´s need for direct printing on polystyrene. With the Neo High Resolution Inkjet Printers, in-production line printing of the brand, bar codes, expiration dates, lot numbers, etc. on polystyrene containers has become a reality.

Our customers no longer need to rely on external suppliers, have eliminated the stock of pre-printed boxes and reduced production times  by not having to rely on others to deliver the order.

With Neo customers gain production in agility and dynamics
Furthermore, because of the Neo inkjet printers’ versatility, any changes to the printed message are instantaneous.  Barcodes, lot numbers, special offers, etc. can be added at any moment, allowing for a flexible and dynamic production process adapted to market demands.