At Neo Inkjet Systems we develop and manufacture high resolution industrial inkjet printing systems.  We are committed to the inkjet technology for its present and future potential in the manufacturing industries.  We are dedicated to developing, designing and manufacturing a new generation of state of the art industrial inkjet printers.

We believe in the inkjet technology
We believe in the inkjet technology for various reasons.  For starters, inkjet printers are more compact than the old systems and can be easily integrated and connected to the customer´s current production system.   Any coding and marking instructions can be sent to the printer remotely.

In addition, the ability to print on various surfaces: with oil-based ink on cardboard and paper (porous surface) and UV ink on plastic (non-porous surface).

At Neo Inkjet Systems we focus on the micro Piezo technology for its versatility, speed and print quality.  Compared to labeling, our system ads substantial time and cost savings by printing directly on the packaging in the production line.

It is because of this that the advanced high resolution Neo printers allow the marking of boxes and packaging according to the existing production needs, integrating this process of marking into the production process itself.

We think, design and manufacture
At Neo Inkjet Systems each product comes from a thought process that goes through analyzing customer needs and finding solutions to potential problems.   Based on these findings, we design, not just a machine, but a set of technical solutions that facilitate and minimize problems in the production process.

It is because of this that the Neo printers include a number of innovations that make them work more efficiently.  We use the latest technology to interface and create a simple working system that is functional. Our objective is to provide the best and most cost effective printers on the market.