Tinta superficies porosas y no porosas

ISBO and ISUV Inks from Neo Inkjet Systems are made to achieve greater efficiency and high quality printing on all Neo equipment.

Each type of ink is composed of exceptional quality pigments to achieve high color saturation and durability, both in industrial environments as well as outdoors.

Neo´s inks ensure a lasting impression that lasts for more than two years in outdoor environments (we scored an 8 on the Blue Wool Scale) and ensures maximum productivity as well as smoother sliding in industrial environments.

Inks with the highest quality standards
Neo´s inks are manufactured under strict quality standards. Each batch of ink is checked for possible variations of the color gamut, print quality, viscosity, surface tension, coverage area, print sharpness and intensity, LAB values, decapitation time, surface adhesion, profile changes, etc..

We cannot guarantee other manufacturers quality control. Generic and third party inks can adversely affect our printing systems, leading to expensive repairs.

The formula of our inks is designed to optimize all Neo printing equipment, and we cannot guarantee functionality when other inks are used in our equipment.