High Resolution Neo Inkjet Printers take the leap into Italy

Neo Inkjet Systems en Italia

Inkjet Spain is a Spaniard company that exports Inkjet printers to several countries in the EU. The company has recently opened up the Italian market. Although Italy is a closed country to Spain, also geographically and culturally, Neo Printers found out a mature and competitive market for what their high quality and state-of-the-art technology was the key to Italian market.

Inkjet Spain was raised upon the heat of the ceramic industry and has achieved a lead position in High Resolution Inkjet printers market. As Alejandro Peñarroya, CEO, says “the secret of Inkjet Spain success is a firm commitment to quality, based on three pillars: own-developed software, quality of components and state-of-the-art technology” And the thing is that Inkjet Spain had to prove the quality of its printers in such tough markets as American and New Zealander, so that the leap into Italy was a matter of time.

The distributor of Inkjet Spain in Italy is a solid coding & marking company, with a main strength: their technical department. As this distributor declared “we trusted Inkjet Spain for its professional development and solidity, which in a mature market as Italian are essentials for success” For the Italian Distributor of Neo Inkjet Printers, who took in consideration several options before choosing Inkjet Spain, trust is very important because they have a lasting relationship with their customers and need a quality product of confidence to offer them.

The range of Neo Inkjet Printers in the field in Italy right now is composed of ten printers, capable to print on several surfaces: porous (paper, cardboard, etc) and non porous wood, metal, plastic, etc) in different printing height, between 17 up to 140 mm. High Resolution Neo Inkjet Printers are capable to print any kind of message: batch numbers, barcodes, descriptions, logos, etc at an average speed of 30 mts/min.

The company will continue its expansion to foreign markets this year, maintaining the Neo Inkjet printers quality policy that makes the difference and designing new products adapted to the market needs.